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NTUC Club, the leisure and entertainment arm of NTUC, has found that simple changes made to the workplace can mean significant benefits for employees as well as the organisation. For example, by lowering the height of the TV rack in each chalet, older employees working in the housekeeping department are able to clean the rooms safely and effectively.

NTUC Club also purchased specialised equipment that help to minimise the need for its older employees to bend their backs and lift heavy loads when cleaning. This initiative has resulted in older employees working in a safer work environment, with increased work productivity.

Charlie Goh, Director of HR for the NTUC Club, shared the benefits of engaging older workers, “We found that older workers, with their rich experience, tend to adapt quickly in their new jobs. They are also mature, reliable and patient. With their people-orientated attitude, they work well especially in front-line customer service and housekeeping positions. Those with technical experience are also a great asset in engineering duties such as repairs and maintenance for electrical fixtures and plumbing, where experience makes a great difference. Older workers also tend to be more loyal and do not job hop.”

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